Sat April 12

8:00   “Authentic Imitation” Band & General Registration Begins

8:00   Vendor Visits WII Mingle! Power Network. Collaborate. Connect!

9:00   Lisa Adams Our Amazing WII MC

9:05   WII CEO sheli G

9:15   Beth Misner with a BNI Mingle

9:25   Jaime Davis  “Simplify”

10:00  Jeremy Miller Idaho District Mgr. BNI Mingle

10:10  Vendor Visits

10:45  Carolyn Casey  “He’s Not Broken – and Neither are You! Women Collaborating with Women”

11:05  Interactive Q&A with Carolyn &  The Man Panel: Brett Labit, Brandon Wright, Justin Foster, Ian Johnson

11:50  Lunch & Vendor Visits

12:35 Lisa Intro Aspen Morrow Book info

12:40  Kate McGwire of Mix 106  “Perception Vs. Reality: How to make both work for YOU!”

1:25   Dr. Frank White “Your Why”

2:00   IWJ Nitro Sponsor Speaker: Annette Mease  “Everyone Has a Story”

2:35  Vendor Visits

3:15  Beth Misner  “Building Your Business by Word of Mouth”

BNI Foundation Award given

4:00 sheli G  “Women on Fire Awards!”

4:35 Danae Valle “The Scissors Edge: Hairstyles to Fit Your Face”

5:15 Lisa and Sheli G

5:30  SHOP. Connect. Create. Collaborate!

End of Day 1 WII Miracles


Sun April 13

8:00   Registration & Vendor Visits, Power Networking. Collaborating. Connecting!

9:00   Beth Misner

9:10   Dr. Janice Lung  “Transforming from Average-Being to WELL-Being” You are SO worth it!

9:55   Derrick Boles  “Stand Up and GO Farther!”

10:30  Vendor Visits Networking, Connecting, Collaborating!

11:00   IWJ Nitro Sponsor Speaker Paulette Esposito  “Loving Your Way to the Top: A Wise Woman’s Journey to Success and Leadership”

11:30   Terilee Harrison  “The Power of Recognizing Hidden Shame and How It Can Transform Your Life”

12:10   Vendor Visits/Lunch Served

12:55  IWJ Nitro Sponsor Speaker Karleen Andresen  “Idaho Women’s Journal: The Back Story”

1:25   Aspen Morrow “Med-Free Bipolar” Announcement

1:30   Cathy Light  “Create Your Own Secret Sauce to Success”

2:15   Vendor Visits

2:50   Beth Misner  “The Strength of the Whole: Standing in the Power of Your Body, Mind and Spirit”

3:40    sheli G  “Unfrozen: The Super Power of Vulnerability”

4:30    Until WII meet again! <3

Pay the Miracles FORWARD!