Sheli G

sheli G - Inspirational speaker CEO Women Ignite Idaho, International Speaker, Master Certified Business Coach, World Changer Leadership & Certified Life Mastery Coach.

Sheli Gartman is the founder of sheli G Business and World Changer Leadership Coaching.

Sheli G travels the globe specializing in E.T.E.

Experiential Transformational Education is a hands on method that produces profound discovery & dynamic human development, igniting Entrepreneurs, Individuals and Companies to achieve their highest potentiality and true calling.
Sheli G has worked for more than twenty years with large Corporations, Small Businesses, Community events, Non-Profits, and individuals who are seeking to maximize their reach.

She is among the internationally acclaimed professionals who are the WORLD CHANGERS in the Transformational Business and Personal Expansion arena. She considers it a true honor to put her success, authenticity, extensive experience and passion to work for you.

On a personal note, Sheli is married to Steve and they have three miraculous children. Sheli makes her home in beautiful Boise, Id.

Learn more about Sheli at shelig.com.

Sheli’s Session Title: Unfrozen

Vulnerability; A weakness, or a strength? What is “Naked Leadership,” and how does that translate to women in our businesses, our causes and our relationships? Learn about releasing the power of authenticity and transparency inside of all your leadership roles at home, in business and in the world. Harness the power that is inside of all women to be strong, magical and truly authentic , simultaneously. Let this power come alive in you and your work, igniting you to fresh levels of greatness and incredible influence.

Beth Misner

Beth Misner - Author, international speaker and co-owner BNIBest-Selling Author, International Speaker, Co-Owner BNI, Humanitarian.

Beth Misner is an ordained minister with a bachelor’s degree in theology as well as a master’s degree in theology with an emphasis in spiritual formation. She is the founder of the Journey Center Claremont—a Christ-based center for spirituality, healing and wholeness.

Beth is a Christian meditation and prayer leader as well as a certified sports nutritionist, a black belt in karate and she practices T’ai Chi. She is also the author of Jesus and the Secret: Where the Word of God and the Law of Attraction Intersect and The Misner Plan: How We Healed Cancer Naturally with Diet, Nutrition and Healthy Living, available on Amazon.com and many eReaders.

She and her husband, Ivan, own and operate Business Network International (BNI) and are co-founders of the BNI Foundation, a non-profit foundation that supports children’s educational programs around the world.

Learn more about Beth at bethmisner.com.

Beth’s Saturday Session Title: Building Your Business by Word of Mouth
You’ve often heard that doing business by word of mouth is the best way to establish a strong foundation for success, but how do you make word of mouth really work for you? The last 25 years Beth has spent as co-owner of the world’s largest referral organization, BNI, have given her an inside track in developing this business-growth strategy. You will learn tangible processes for building your business by word of mouth from this presentation and you will have fun at the same time! Numbers do not lie… Studies have proven that referred business is your strongest business. Beth will teach you how referrals become the clients and customers you love the most.

Beth’s Sunday Session Title: The Strength of the Whole: Standing in the Power of Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Did you know one out of four women will experience clinical depression at some point in their lifetime? What if someone could share some power tactics to assure that you will not be one of those statistics? You don’t have to wonder, because Beth Misner is intimately acquainted with what it takes to both recover from depression and to be sure it doesn’t ever come knocking on your door. Her success tactics involve living life to the fullest holistically. You won’t want to miss her specific, powerful action steps to ensure that you stand in your own power as a healthy, focused and spiritually alive woman.

Karleen Andresen

Karleen AndresenPublisher Idaho Women’s Journal & Gem State Family Journal, Speaker, Marketing Expert.

Karleen Andresen is a fierce marketer and the creator of guaranteed programs for experts, speakers, and business. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and is certified in search engine optimization.

She owns the #1 women in business magazine in Idaho, the Idaho Women’s Journal, and the Gem State Family Journal. She teaches workshops on writing for magazines and blogging for business.She advocates for women in other organizations locally and nationally. Currently, she is attending Creighton Law School to earn her Masters in Negotiations. Karleen reared seven children along with opening her home to a few people looking to change their living situation. Her husband suffered a brain injury in 1994 when she was later assigned as his caregiver. She resides in Meridian with her husband and two of their daughters.

Learn more about Karleen at idahowomensjournal.com.

Karleen’s Session Title: Idaho Women’s Journal : The back story
Get a front row seat to learn what really happens behind the scene of Idaho’s #1 women’s magazine. Does it really go as smoothly as its high gloss, high-fashion covers, or is there photoshopping done for the public? Karleen Andresen folds back the pages to reveal what has grown this magazine into its respected spot. She will index her leadership fundamentals that force her beyond what others have been able to do, and she will share stories of things that have gone horribly wrong. This is a do-not-miss high-energy, engaging, exposing presentation in a no-nonsense format.

Derrick Boles

Derrick BolesCEO & QUARTERBACK at “Stand Up America,” International Speaker.

Derrick Boles is one of the most sought after speakers in the country. His inspirational journey and message has gained him international recognition. After launching “Stand Up America” Derrick has been working in communities across the country to challenge Youth, Educators, Businesses, Civil Authorities and Faith Leaders to have the courage to help to lead our country. His curriculum and programs have earned him a national platform to speak, consult and train.

Learn more about Derrick at stand-upamerica.com.

Derrick’s Session Title: Stand Up and GO Farther!

This powerful message will challenge the audience to examine what they believe is possible. Derrick will share his personal story and journey, looking at internal limitations, belief systems and perceptions. After completing his 1892-mile trek on an elliptical bike from San Diego, California, to New Orleans, Louisiana, in 2012, Derrick has been able to challenge the mindsets and mentalities of individuals who want to find a way to GO farther.

Cathy Light

Cathy LightVisionary Founder, Leader and CEO of Business Builders and Assessment Leaders, Co-Founder of Leadership Balance, and an Organizational Architect & Senior Advisor to Boards of Directors, CEOs, Presidents and Executive Teams.

As a former officer of publicly-traded Sunrise Technologies, with early experience at Fuji Optical and Apple, Inc., Cathy left corporate America in 1998 and has since founded three Silicon Valley companies; Business Builders, Assessment Leaders, and Leadership Balance.

In addition to her active involvement in those companies, she recently co-founded another company, Leadership Balance, which prepares executives to successfully manage their teams and themselves by developing the most relevant, leading-edge competencies necessary to achieve leadership excellence in today’s environment.

Cathy is passionate about working women’s issues and is a frequent speaker on Women in Leadership: Challenges and Opportunities. She is recognized as a successful entrepreneur with a demonstrated track record in achieving exceptional results by identifying issues blocking the achievement of goals, creation of new market opportunities, developing and introducing successful new products, and building strong management teams, partnerships and alliances.

Cathy is a nationally recognized speaker who engages and motivates her audiences. She is a dynamic, high-energy executive with extensive experience contributing to the growth and profitability of startups and emerging companies.

Learn more about Cathy at leadershipbalance.com.

Cathy’s Session Title: Create Your Own Secret Sauce to Success

It’s still not easy today for women to move up the ladder into executive positions, even though women have proven themselves to be effective leaders.

Why is it that so many highly qualified women have such a difficult time reaching the executive ranks? Part of the answer lies in the senior management of the company they work for – to have their talent recognized, it requires the awareness, commitment and leadership confidence of those making the hiring and promotion decisions.

What does this mean to you and your future success? Cathy will share some of the priceless lessons she’s learned along the way and what it takes for you to be at the top of your game. Whether you work for someone or own your own company, learn how to take control of the business of you, become more intentional about your career success, and create your Secret Sauce.

Dr. Janice Lung

Janice LungSpeaker, Health & Wellness Educator & Coach.

Dr. Janice Lung is a women’s personal coach, educator and owner of b.Well, llc. She has over 20 years experience teaching and facilitating groups in personal development, communication and team building. She holds a Doctor of Education, a BA and MA in Communication and certification in mind-body health and wellness coaching.

A true lifelong learner, Janice is again in school – this time pursuing a Master of Health Sciences degree in health promotion from Boise State University. Health and well-being are personal for Janice. She lost her mother, her brother and her sister to lifestyle-related causes, and she is a breast-cancer survivor. She dedicates her life to helping women get healthy, create well-being and live life in balance.

Janice’s presentations are engaging, informative and inspiring. Her style is down-to-earth, and her message is clear – as women we ARE enough just the way we are now. When we listen to that little voice inside of us that says “I want more.” When we ignite our power, we can change our lives, strengthen our families, build our communities, and change our world!

Learn more about Janice at bwellboiselifecoach.com.

Janice’s Session Title: Transforming from Average-Being to WELL-Being (You are SO worth it!)

Say goodbye to the lie that health and well-being are about deprivation, discipline and hard work! Health is really a joyful gift that you can give yourself daily, and well-being is the promise of a BLISS-full life that can be YOURS!

Carolyn Casey

Carolyn CaseyAuthor, “Aha Facilitator” and National Speaker.

Carolyn is an author, speaker, workshop facilitator and inventor & leader of fabulous retreats for women and for Moms with teen/tween girls. (Her signature event, Women’s Aha! Camp, is the most fun and happens every September.)

Carolyn believes all women deserve to live magnificent lives and she spends her days figuring out simple, practical tools and approaches that support women living their best day-to-day experiences. She also seeks out other facilitators who have great solutions for women and shares those resources via her newsletter and at her camp.

A gender expert, Carolyn’s book He’s Not Your Girlfriend, How to Understand Men in Love and Thrive in Your Relationship gives a unique, light-hearted perspective on men that will forever change how a woman understands, experiences and enjoys all men in her life, especially her “special” man. Simple. Practical. Effective. Most readers come back to buy more copies for sisters, friends and relatives.

Learn more about Carolyn at carolyncasey.net.

Carolyn’s Session Title: He’s Not Broken… And Neither Are You

What if you could dramatically improve your experience of men—at work, at home and in general—with one new idea? Come have fun with Carolyn and a panel of men laughing about the different ways women and men approach life and each other. And learn that no one is broken (despite your previous experiences!). You won’t ever view or treat men in the same way. And that will make all the difference in your life. Hold on… the fun is about to begin! We will also touch on our relationships with each other as women, and how to compassionately support all the women in our lives.

Danae Valle

Danae ValleOwner 2013 Meridian Small Business of the Year. Hair Chemistry at its best at V3 Hair Studio, Speaker.

In 1994, Danae began professionally doing hair in her own salon. Since then, she has been recognized as one of the top colorists in the country.

In January of 2009, Danae was honored with the distinction of being Idaho’s “Business Woman of the Year Up and Coming” by NAWBO.

In 2010, Danae received the top service award given in Idaho, the Governor’s “Brightest Star Award.”

In January 2012, she opened V3 Hair Studio in Meridian, Idaho.

In 2013, V3 Hair Studio was recognized as Meridian’s “Small Business of the Year.”

Danae and her team have sponsored many events; a Fashion show called “Touch 1 Life” organized by Danae raised over $40,000 for a local women’s shelter.

In September of 2012, Danae organized an event called “Healthy You.” This event attracted over 450 guests and raised money for Breast Cancer awareness.

Danae has been named one of the busiest hair stylists in the world. Her large clientele is a reflection of her passion for the hair Industry. What sets Danae apart from other stylists is her passion for education and her willingness to pass it on. Every year, Danae and her staff receive world-class training from the best in the industry. Danae also has an Associate program that is unique in the industry. Over the last 4 years, she has mentored and trained over 35 stylists.

Danae is proud to work with her husband Victor and her son, Britton, both hair stylists. They have 3 children.

In September of this year, Danae, her husband Victor and son Britton will be opening V3 Hair Academy in Meridian, a non-traditional school that will focus in providing amazing Hair Education.

Learn more about Danae at v3hairstudio.com/about.

Danae’s Session Title: The Scissors’ Edge: Hairstyles to Fit Your Face

Oval, heart or round-shaped faces, Danae has seen them and shaped them with the scissors’ edge. A hair designer by trade, Danae brings it to the stage and will literally trim the hair of audience members. She does this while sharing training tips for balancing face shapes, talking about hair textures, and how hair fits with life demands and personal grooming habits. With iPad in hand, Danae can show various hair styles for your face providing choices when you want change. This Treasure Valley favorite includes how to communicate with your stylist and loads of levity.

Jamie Davis

Jamie DavisJaime Davis provides training and education seminars for businesses, individuals and education institutions, and is dedicated to educating, inspiring and motivating others. She believes that education empowers people to improve their lives, and remains committed to providing a positive environment that allows for personal and professional growth and success.

Jaime has worked in higher education for over 10 years. In her current role, she works with students and graduates to source career opportunities, partnering with employers and organizations to facilitate their internship and hiring needs.

Jaime volunteers time to mentor at-risk youth, and prepares and serves meals for the homeless in the Boise area. She serves on the Board for the American Red Cross, and is also a member of Boise Young Professionals and Go Lead Idaho. Jaime holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, and is pursuing her PhD in Leadership.

Jaime and her husband, Josh, have lived in Idaho for almost 9 years, and enjoy the variety of activities and events available to Idahoans. She enjoys the arts and loves the Boise Little Theater. In her spare time, Jaime can be found in the kitchen creating culinary masterpieces for friends and family to enjoy!

Jaime’s Session Title: Simplify

Busyness serves as a kind of existential reassurance, a hedge against emptiness; obviously life cannot possibly be silly or trivial or meaningless if you are so busy, completely booked, in demand every hour of the day. Should we be so busy? Are you trapped by the pursuit of opportunity, money, material gain? Learn to simplify and find joy!

Annette Mease

Annette MeaseCEO with Unlock Your Brilliance, Coach, Author, Speaker.

Annette Mease, in a God and Universe approach, is best known as “the money megaphone.” As a master in sales and a marketing coach, her tips have realized thousands in the bank accounts of her clients.

She was awarded NPWA Idaho’s “Business Woman of the Year” in 2013, listed as a Who’s Who of Idaho Women, and was appointed the Idaho Women’s Journal 2013 Woman of Inspiration.

Today, Annette works with high-achieving authors, experts, and businesses to help get them from ready to running.

She lives in Boise with her husband and three children.

Learn more about Annette at unlockyourbrilliance.com.

Annette’s Session Title: Everyone Has a Story: What’s Yours?

Hearing tantalizing stories isn’t reserved for the famous. Stories like the 100 million dollar divorce, a boy who saves the life of a little girl, or the woman who became famous for her unique salsa all began the same way: something small and seemingly insignificant.

Everyone has a story, or so the adage goes, but how much do you believe this? This session walks participants through the concept of knowing their own story and the impact they could have, and should have, on the world around them.

Paulette Esposito

Paulette EspositoMaster Certified Success Coach, RIM Facilitator, Spiritual Intuitive, Author and Speaker.

Paulette Esposito is The Total Coach, a published storyteller, International speaker, and gifted spiritual Messenger.

As the owner of EagleStar Consulting, she guides people through defining moments in their lives by helping them tap into their Center of Self Discovery.

In her career as an internal consultant in organizational development with two Fortune 200 corporations, she found a breeding or “breathing” ground for her work.

Throughout her career in consulting, coaching, training, and traveling the world, she realized her own spiritual journey, but more importantly she saw firsthand and embraced what is really at the heart of success and leadership. She brought that to rest as a Messenger and spiritual empowerment guide. She is the author of Ignite Joy Now!, an interactive journey workbook created to invite people to light the flame of joy in their lives every day.

Paulette is an animal rescuer and lives in Eagle with three pygmy goats, a miniature donkey, two dogs, and two cats.

Learn more about Paulette at successcoachinstitute.com.

Paulette’s Session Title: Loving Your Way to the Top… A Wise Woman’s Journey to Success and Leadership

In her career of coaching and training, Paulette discovered some universal themes that are at the center of success in work and life. In this engaging session, Paulette will help you tap into that center of self-discovery, that place of inner wisdom and voice. While many feel more money or time would ease the journey, and it will, the real magic is found somewhere else. Take the walk with Paulette into a world of success launchers, relationship strengtheners, and heart peacemakers. It has changed lives and it can for you as well.

Terilee Harrison

Terilee Harrison - The Shameless LifeSpeaker, Author, and Coach.

Terilee Harrison is the author of The Shameless Life: Recognize Your Shame and Overcome It and The Business Mom Guide Book.

Terilee coaches women who are ready for change how to recognize hidden shame and overcome it so they can have a fresh start, feel more confident, and experience freedom to love themselves and others.

She has reached thousands of business owners through her highly successful TEAM Referral Network business in Southern California over the last 7 years.

Her greatest hope is to bring women from the lies they believe to the truth that they are good enough so they can live strong, amazing lives.

Terilee is on the Board of Directors of Cherished High Desert, President-Elect of AV Sunrise Rotary, and is proud to be a Homeschool Mom.

Terilee resides in California with her husband, Terry. They have 4 children.

Learn more about Terilee at theshamelesslife.com.

Terilee’s Session Title: The Power of Recognizing Hidden Shame and How It Can Transform Your Life

Shame is a silent epidemic that affects us all. When you identify and let go of the baggage in your life, you can be the woman you were meant to be! Terilee will both inspire and challenge you to action and change as she authentically shares who she is, where she’s been, and what she’s learned along the way.

In this session, Terilee will clarify what shame is and how to begin to identify the role it may have played in your life. You will learn steps to begin to live confidently in the truth of who you are, let go of the past, experience forgiveness for yourself and be able to offer it to others, receive and give more love in your relationships, and experience more freedom and joy in your life.

Kate McGwire

Kate McGwireKate McGwire has been a host of Mike & Kate in the Morning on Mix 106 for the past 13 years. Kate started her radio career at Colorado State University. After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Broadcast Journalism, Kate worked in Denver and Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Then in 2001 she made the move to Boise and the city has never been the same.

Kate has been described as the “Oprah of Boise” and “the woman who will say what every other person in the room is thinking but is just too afraid to say it.” Kate is very passionate about helping women realize that they have the strength and knowledge within themselves to make all their dreams come true. She feels that anything in life is possible and that as a woman you can have it all. You just need the right tools and influences to make it happen.

In addition to hosting the morning show for Mix 106, she is also the creator and founder of Kate University, a successful educational platform for Mix 106 listeners. Kate hosts various events for Mix 106 and other organizations in town including the Helpful Happy Hour that benefits Camp Rainbow Gold. She is a volunteer for the Canyon County Animal Shelter and the Idaho Foodbank.

Kate is a member of Boise Young Professionals. Mike and Kate were named 7’s “Best Morning Show” from KTVB News Channel 7 viewers and won the Idaho Statesman “Best of the Treasure Valley” for the 5th year in a row!

Learn more about Kate at mix106radio.com.

Kate’s Session Title: Perception vs. Reality: How to Make Both Work for You

As a woman in the workforce we have to “play a certain part.” We have to “play the game” even as we strive to change the rules of the game. I will be talking about how instead of fighting the current game, there is a way to play it and win all while being true to your reality. Perception and reality will always be a part of the world we live in. With social media’s power growing by the minute, we are exposing ourselves to strangers on a daily basis and we have no control over their formed opinions of us based solely on a photo and news feed. There is a beneficial way to create a perception of yourself that will help your “public life,” while at the same time keeping you honest to the reality of it all.

Dr. Frank White

Frank WhiteMBA, PhD, Forum Certified Master Coach and Trainer, Founding member of IMPACT an international Association of Coaches, Consultants and Trainers

Dr. Frank White is a nationally acclaimed speaker, business and executive success coach, management consultant, sales and leadership trainer and motivational expert.

During his successful corporate career Frank was responsible for the development of five national and regional retail chains and served as President and CEO of four, where he was responsible for the opening of 450+ retail operations.

He founded F.A. White & Associates in San Francisco Ca. in 1985 and has gone on to train and coach 1000s of business executives and leaders and has delivered sales and sales management training and development programs to 1000s of top sales leaders nationally and throughout Asia.

He is a highly sought after speaker, trainer and coach. He is the host of “Friday’s with Frank,” a free weekly workshop series designed to deliver powerful personal growth and business development programs in what Frank calls bite-size pieces of dramatic personal growth and business development mini workshops, held from 11:30am to 1:00pm every Friday at the AEN Event Center in Boise.

He is currently the president of F.A. White & Associates and Frank White International.

Learn more about Frank at here.

Frank’s Session Title: Your Why

Why do you do what you do? What is it that motivates and drives you to get up every day and do the thing you do? Do you know?
If your answer is just to pay your bills and provide for someone, then I would love to challenge you to go deeper.

In my years of coaching and training, I often hear people say: “I want to be the best parent, entrepreneur, employee, manager, coach… To be the best__________ (fill in the blank)?

And I am sure that is true. But there is much more to your why.

If I ask you the question: “What would it take for you to quit what you are currently doing” and you have an answer, then it’s possible that you are not in touch yet with your why, and it’s also possible then, that you are not in the zone of your calling or the true course of your life’s purpose.

In this talk, we will discover the incredible power of your “WHY,” and why it is the core of everything you do.